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Small Class / 1-to-1 Tuition for Pri, Sec, JC, IB & IGCSE at Serangoon Central

We provide the most professional Tuition for all ranges of level and Subjects by qualified and full time tutors 
Reach us at 92270827 for the tuition today!
Tuition for levels from Primary to JC just tell me what level & what Subject you're looking for & we'll try to arrange for you
Results & Testimonials
Proven Success: 90% improved grades, 75% higher test scores, 78% higher than national average

     " Many thanks to William for helping my son improve his science so much in 2 months' time." - Mr Gao, SG

Thank you, Mr William, for always replying my questions via whatsapp in time. This has made my study more effective and I also feel more confident in studies." - Rui Kang, SG

    " Thank you for your guidance and teaching, I have found A maths much easier since I started attending your lessons." - Isabella, SG

" My English has improved a lot since I attended the English class at Smargent Tuition." - Ying Yi, SG

Here's how SMARGENT helps:

Potong Pasir Tuition | Small Class 1
Small Class / 1-to-1 Optimizes Learning Experience

SMARGENT focuses on delivering high quality tuition to our students. That's why we limit the number of students per small class to a maximum of 4 students only. This is to ensure the tutor can cater the lesson style and pace to the student or small class effectively at all times. As a result of our relentless focus on quality, most students were able to achieve remarkable improvements over a short period of time. 

Potong Pasir Tuition | Small Class 2
Customized ​Learning Plans Help Students Reach Their Full Potential

We believe that there isn't any one-size-fits-all solution in education. Every student is gifted in their own way, and learns better with a certain teaching style than others.  In order to identify the appropriate teaching approach, we always conduct a comprehensive analysis of our students' strengths, weaknesses, learning preferences etc. Based on our tutors' experience, we would come out with individualized, customized learning plans for each student. As the student progresses, we would assess the effectiveness of our teaching method and make adjustments when needed.

Potong Pasir Tuition | Small Class 3
Systematic Exam Revision Schedule Aids Students' Top College Entrance Exam Preparation

In order to boost our student's preparedness for exams, we keep track of a systematic exam revision schedule using flow chart and diagram illustrations. Apart from pacing the lessons to the revision schedule, we would also include practices on selected past years' papers in the lessons nearing the exam period. Our tutors would go through the students' answers and share some insightful feedback with the students prior to the exam. As a result, our students have high self-confidence and are able to perform well even when facing the intensive and highly competitive exams.

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