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Small Class Tuition @ SMARGENT - Optimized Learning Experience for Students

In need of quality tuition service at affordable rates? Fret not, SMARGENT's small class tuition may just be the perfect solution for you / your children!

At SMARGENT, we focus on optimizing students' learning experience. Here's how small class tuition (2-4 students) compares to private home tuition (1-to-1) and large class tuition centres:

1. Companion and peer pressure keeps student's motivation high: What we observed from small classes is that students are more motivated when there's an implicit peer pressure. While one-to-one tuition allows tutors to focus their full energy on one student, students' short attention span often limits the effectiveness of lessons. Having peers who are taking the same subject at the same level with similar progress and learning pace in the same class poses a positive pressure for the whole class to keep up, and injects a vibrant positive energy that keeps the lessons going.

2. Sharing of resources increases effectiveness of exam preparation: Most tuition students achieved great improvement in exams by continually practice, assess and review their weak areas. In essence, it is the precious insights about common weak areas that help students avoid making similar mistakes in taking the real exam. In small classes, tutors are able to quickly share the insights from a student's mistakes with the class. That way, the preparedness of the whole class increases every time someone shares an insight. The amount of such insights would be limited in private home tuition.

3. Active sharing allows students to reinforce what they learnt: In small classes, tutors can arrange for students to voluntarily share what they think is interesting or helpful for a particular topic/subject. This is a great opportunity for students to enhance mastery of a weak area by playing the role of a presenter, whilst boosting their confidence on that particular area via feedback from the audience. This can also lead to discussion between students that heightens students' engagement and attention in class.

4. Lessons are conducted in right settings and context: More often than not, students (even adults) slack off in an environment that doesn't fit the context, e.g. working in the bedroom, exercising in the dining room or having tuition in the living room. Apart from potential distractions, students may not be in the right state of mind to focus. In large class tuition centre, there's also not much penalty for a student to lose discipline. Having a classroom and a few peers set the right context for study and helps student focus better.

5. Small class tuition lowers cost of customized teaching for you: While cost is lowered, quality is never compromised. In most cases, students actually benefit more from a small class than 1-to-1 lessons as mentioned in the previous pointers above. Meanwhile, there is hardly any customized teaching for large class tuition centres which can definitely charge lower due to their scale.

Those are the reasons that SMARGENT prefers to arrange students for small classes. Nevertheless, if you firmly believe that 1-to-1 tuition is the best for you/your children, SMARGENT does offer that at affordable rates too. Please see our rates here.

We cover a lot of subjects for Primary through JC levels. You can refer to the list of subjects here.

We have helped many students to excel in their exams. Read our testimonials here.

Our tutors are all degree holders and are working as full-time tutors. See our team profile here.

Lastly, if you are interested in our classes, please find our address and contacts here. Alternatively, you can call William at 92270827.

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