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BBQ Appreciation Dinner @ East Coast Park

We had a great time at East Coast Park last Saturday with loads of guilty BBQ food and cheerful chit-chat sessions! Thanks all for making it happen in spite of the on-and-off drizzle.

As most tuition sessions draw to a close for this year, we hope everyone can take a good break and have an enjoyable year-end. For those who are still working on their exams, let's work bit harder to ace them all.

Here at SMARGENT, we cherish the relationships between students, parents and tutors. It is through sheer dedication and constant communication by all parties that students are able to improve their academic results as well as their personal well-being. We thank everyone for your cooperation this year, and trust that we can achieve even greater accomplishments together next year.

Lastly, here are some nice photos that we took:

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