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Tips to Reduce Eye Strain

With the recent government regulation, all our classes have to be shifted online. Fortunately, the majority of the students in Singapore hardly faced any issue with regards to having lessons conducted via various online platforms. However, we have to take extra steps to ensure that we do not suffer from “online fatigue.”

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Prolong exposure to screen time can lead to a condition called computer eye strain or digital eye strain. Besides spending a long time looking at laptops, users can also suffer from this due to excessive time looking at tablets, phones, and televisions. Hence, we have to at least understand the causes of eye strain and how to alleviate the pain should we have such conditions.

According to a report by American Optometric Association, the eyes were under great pressure when viewing screens. When we read the letters on the screen, they were not as defined as printed on a page. Furthermore, many screens have less contrast than the printed page, and letters on the screen are affected by reflection and glare. With such difficulty, a person has to make his eyes work harder.

Besides that, there have been some recommendations to view screens at different angles and distances. People who adopt uncomfortable and tense postures can have adverse effects on their physical self.


· tired and strained eyes

· discomfort in the eyes

· dry, irritated, or burning eyes

· blurred vision when viewing screens or looking into the distance

· difficulty refocusing the eyes

· sensitivity to bright lights

· headaches

· neck and shoulder pain

If you experience any of the symptoms like the above, you may want to try out some exercises to alleviate the pain or to prevent it.

  1. Use the 20-20-20 rule. Try to look at something which is 20 meters away for 20 seconds after 20 minutes spent looking at a screen. This rule helps us to remember to take frequent and sufficient breaks to reduce eye strain. Usually, we set a timer to remind us to take a break after 20 minutes. Alternatively, you can try to shut your eyes for 20 seconds after every 20 minutes of work. Do remember to blink to prevent your eyes from getting dry.

  2. Do remember to create a conducive environment so that it helps you to reduce eye strain. For example, use adequate lighting and adjust its intensity accordingly.

  3. Do simple blinking exercises and massage around the eye area to alleviate muscle tensions around the area.


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